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“There’s a FORK in the Road”

You take the “high road’, and I’ll take the “low road”,

and we’ll see who makes money first.

The U.S. markets (and for that matter, all world markets) are at a SERIOUS resistance point – they’re gonna breakthrough, or “turn”.

The resistance line goes through a good number of peaks, 3 of them recently, and more, earlier. So,

resistance either holds here, or we’re goin higher, and the Elliott Wave count gets shifted to the right.

-- i.e. the GSC- III in the middle of the chart moves over to the right – the BULL is not done

(or another scensario, this is all a very large wave 4 triangle).

The next chart is of my own creation – “9XIIV9” - and shows similar resistance lines;

the next two charts are my own as well -

the first, a variation on the S+P500

and "my" WORLD COMP chart.

Now we wait and see.



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