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About Ian

I spent my first eight years playin' on the beaches
and boardwalks of Ocean City, New Jersey.


My family then moved to a western suburb of Denver, Colorado.

The Colorado College is where I spent 3 years studying Philosophy, before finally getting my B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Colorado, Denver.

I've processed seismic data for the oil exploration companies.

And I've installed and serviced Sundance hot tubs.

Everyone needs one of those, I'm tellin' you.

One summer I was a campground host on the Flattops of western Colorado.

I lived in a 20-foot yurt I built. Some days there wasn't a soul around at all.


I now live on the beautiful and world-famous Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, 

where I write and do my existential photography.


p.s.-- I bake bread and grow orchids.

     -- I love Beethoven and Led Zeppelin.

                Otis Taylor's cover of "Hey Joe" is "the bomb".


     -- Van Gogh and the rest of the Impressionists were geniuses.


     -- I rode a motorcycle from Homer, Alaska to Denver, Colorado.

     -- I used to rock climb.

     -- and last of all.

I'm the 2-time Undefeated Celebrity Sports Center Indoor Cardboard Boat Race "Champeen"

... visual copy flows!

 . . . You speak to the prospect one on one in a conversational style,

which is very effective in engaging them in the copy . . .

***Jason H.. - reviewer, AWAI

excellent communication skills …

Ian has excellent communication skills, is very organized, reliable and can work both independently and as part of a team. He is flexible and willing to work on any project that is assigned to him.

Ian would be a great asset.  

*** Debra J. Wold,  Manager, G & G Medical

   ... like the dialogue. It’s very real.

   Very representative of the characters. ... 

   action is quick and simple, ...  Very solid. Good stuff here.

     I dig it.

   *** Jacob D. – English teacher, Soldotna High School

   … very good people skills

   … Ian comes across as likable and easy to work with. 

   People like and respond to Ian because of this trait. 

   The ability to build relationships with all types of people

   is an effective tool to have when dealing with people.

   … has a desire to help people. 

   *** Richard H. – teacher, Soldotna High School


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