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AnyOne for a Baseball Analogy

Anyone for a Baseball Analogy

It's the bottom of the ninth,

score is 5-2, the "visiting team".

You’re up to bat.

Bases loaded.

Two outs.

The count is "full".

One mighty swing, and it's a "grand slam", "walk-off" homerun.

One mighty "swing and a miss", and it's a "walk-off" LOSS.

The pitch-count is up to 38. An awful lot for a one inning "closer".

Is he getting tired yet.??? Is he gonna blink.???

You're "into" this guy for 13 pitches. You've fought him off for 11 foul balls.

What's he gonna throw next?

This is an epic standoff.

Here's the windup.

A slider out and down.

But too close not to swing. Gotta "protect" the plate.

You fowl off yet another one.

14 pitches. 12 foul balls

Who's gonna "blink".???

You gonna strikeout.???

That's where this market is right now, using my IaWc proprietary chart.

The market has tried and fouled off 12 times.

So, "is it gonna fail" and go back down.??? And how far this time.??? Like Dec 2108.???

Or, is it finally gonna break through, and stay above resistance. And then keep going up.???

BULL, or BEAR .?????????????

Like Todd Gordon of Elliott Wave Wednesday Live Streaming would say,

"I'm smart enough to know, I'm not smart enough to know, which way it's'a gonna go.

I do have a hunch. I do have some "educated", I don't wanna say guesses, so I will say, ideas.

And I do have some "context". Because of Elliott Wave Theory.

The only problem w/ that is, there are several valid alternative scenarios.

I need to "see more of the whites of their eyes". Paraphrasing General Andrew Jackson.

It's also kinda like playing chess.

If I move "here", which of several options will she do -

the "Italian Game", the Sicilian Defense", The "Ruy-Lopez", the French Defense".???

And then, what's my "counter-move".

As the market "plays out", each leg up and down says something.

Sometimes eliminating some wave counts. Validating others.

And sometimes creating new potential wave counts. Ones that you didn't see coming.

But should've. If ya wanna make money.

That's why one must play it out as far as one can.

It's doing this that gives one the jump on everyone else -

by knowing what wave counts are available. The best ones available.

Studying charts (pictures) for hours and hours and hours. And then studying them for hours more. And then some more.

Coming up with as many permutations as possible. Eliminating ones as you go, as the markets "play out".

This is one way how the experts come up with their forecasts.

And then, the "waiting game". Where all you can do is sit back and watch it play out.

Ya can't speed it up. Ya can't slow it down. Ya can't make it do anything you want it to do.

You're just along for the ride.

With some paraphrasing and some liberty, (sorry Dusty)

Dusty Springfield sorta caught the idea.

"You (won't get him) ... can't make the market do anything,

Thinkin' and a-prayin', wishin' and a-hopin'

'Cause wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin'

Plannin' and dreamin' (his kisses will start) ... the market will do what you want,

(That won't get you into his heart,) ...

... That won't make the markets move your way."

Patience is one of the "ultimate virtues" when it comes to the markets.

So, we all just gotta sit back and "relax".


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