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**** email for Budget Brainiacs ****


                Financial Security for Your Child                                                      Peace of Mind for You



Dear Fellow,Mom Who Cares’, (and dads, grammas, even aunts & uncles)


Want your children to feel comfortable, secure, and self-confident

as they go out into this world on their own?

… not stressed out, or nervous?




Do ‘you’ want piece-of-mind you did everything possible

to prepare them for being on their own?





                                     With that in mind,


          we’ve decided, you’re invited !!!  


to join me, join ‘us’ -- ‘moms who care’, an exclusive group

(not really, but, yeah, sorta really)

who want our children to feel strong and confident going forward on their own.


This group is made up of moms, grandmas, dads, aunts, and uncles,

adults who care so much about their children,


that they’ve purchased a totally-secure educational app/game subscription online.


A program that  teaches our precious loved ones, 10 years and up,


                                        about MONEY –


  • making a budget

  • balancing a checkbook

  • saving for a rainy day

  • planning a vacation

  • credit interest

  • taxes

  • & more



All in a fun and easy game-style fashion. One that you, as parents, can join in.


** Gramma Kay says: “I even learned a couple o' things myself

playing with my grandkids”




 “It may sound corny, but it’s true, I think this was one of the best things I ever did for my son!”   -Mom Linda said.



The founder of this company was worried

          her daughter was not prepared.


So, …

to fill this void in a young person’s education, she created


Once you see the confidence your teenager displays handling his allowance, WOW!!!


When you witness how maturely your daughter handles her spending,

you’re gonna shake your head.


                                    “I felt really, really good inside.

                                       I was actually proud of myself.

                             I love my kids, and I felt I did right by them.”

                                        says the founder, M. Brown.



** Dad Bradley: “I am so lucky I married such a smart and loving woman and mother. Our kids are gonna be so much better off having this subscription. They’re gonna be

so much better prepared to take on life than I was at their age.”



And it’s so much fun and so easy.


Plus, there are rewards to be had. As your 'kiddo' completes each task, each assignment, they earn points that can be redeemed at the ’store’ for FREE prizes.


And, toward the subscription itself. They can feel a sense of pride. A sense of confidence. They’re “pulling their own weight” by helping pay for this service.



                               So, JOIN US,

                                join us now!



              For much, much more, click this link –                                         BudgetBrainiacs-link.


Get all the information you need.


  • Your first month is FREE. We want you to get started.

  • Each additional child is 50 % off.

  • we’ll give you 50 points for the store to start.


  • Put your child ahead of the class.


***  Join in the next 10 days,

and we’ll give you another 50 points!!!  ***   

          (code – khn50)



The sooner the better. Start educating your children today.


Help your loved ones create new, good habits NOW.


Love your children!


Sleep better at night.


click this link – BudgetBrainiacs-link.






This email, the people and the company are all fictional. I was not hired to write this “copy”. It merely gives the reader an example of my writing.


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