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a Personal Blog Post

They’re All Gone !!!












“Anybody here?”


There wasn’t.

That puzzled me.



I woke up this morning,

and a fog lay on the lake.

So, I wandered over to the lodge.


The atmosphere seemed eerily still.

Quiet. Dead.

Spooky really.













I wandered through the lodge trying to find any sign of anybody.

Of Wilson. And his army.

There wasn’t a sign of anything anywhere.

No sign of Lady Ashley even.


Just last night we were sitting around the campfire, talking, drinking, socializing, laughing.

Not a hint that the next morning there would be no one around.


As I passed by an antique dresser against the wall, under the mirror,
I noticed a folded piece of paper.

I picked it up and unfolded it.

It read,



My eyes lifted from the note. My mind pictured the “Manitoba tardis”.






























I looked back down at the note.

And the words were gone! Disappeared!


I’m gonna have find this “tardis”.

The words just disappeared.!!!



















I’ll be back. (I hope)


Stay tuned.




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