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                         “I have my mom to thank.”


“thanx MOM”



I was at my daughter's school, for:

"what does your parent do for a living? night”.


It was my turn. And this 7th grader asked me,

“What do you do?”


“I’m a banker”


A different 7th grader asked,

“How did you get into that?”


So, I told them.


“My mom got an online game for me and my sister.

The idea was to teach us,


‘how to take care of money’  - or - ‘finance’. ”


There were some puzzled looks on a bunch of faces.

I explained.


“I was your age, in the 7th grade. I couldn’t manage my allowance. My older sister, Sarah, too.”


“Our mom saw this. She knew there would be trouble ahead for us.

She and dad weren’t always gonna be there.


She figured she better do something NOW.”


“She said to me,


“I love you too much to see you and your sister struggling with money problems once you leave home!”


“So, what’d she do?” blurted out one of the students.


“She got us an online game that would help us learn ‘how to deal with money’. ”


“Like how?” asked a student.


“Like opening a bank account, like start saving money, and even a checking account.”


“I can’t have a checking account.” said one student. “I’m too young.”


“Maybe. But this was a ‘pretend’ checking account, a ‘practice’ account.”


“And this monthly program showed you how.”


“It was really easy. Like a game. Actually, it was a lot of fun.”


“I was a little afraid at first. Sounded like it was gonna be way too hard. But, my mom and my dad started doing it with me.”


“Once I got doin’ it, it wasn’t so hard.”


“In fact, I collected points for doing the games. Just like ‘regular’ online games.


“I turned these in to the ‘store’, and got some cool stuff.”


“So how did ‘this’ make you become a banker?”


“I got into it. I really got into all the ‘money stuff’.


“My mom really helped me understand how this was gonna make me have a better life. Be happier. I was gonna be more relaxed. More confident.


“It didn’t take long before I realized I could make a living at doing this ‘finance stuff’.”


“All thanx to my MOM”.



So, exactly WHAT IS this “club”?


  • it’s safe and secure

    • an online monthly subscription

  • an app, a game

    • you can play with your child


Learn about:

  • bank accounts – savings & checking

  • loans & credit cards

  • interest rates

  • taxes


… how to “plan for your future”.


and More!



“smartest thing I ever did for my kids”   -Cate B




“I couldn’t have shown them how much I loved them if I tried” …

“they didn’t realize it at the time” … “but they did”   -mom Hailey




“… my husband is so impressed, he jokes,

‘he’s in love with me all over again’ ”   -Alison K





                    wanna be a ‘ROCKSTAR’ ?


Wanna score big w/ your kids?

Wanna be a “Rock Star”?


Join us ‘Moms-Who-Care’ !!!


Your little loved ones will love the app, the games,

the rewards.


And each year they get older, they will love you more and more.

They may not realize it right off.

But as they grow to know money better,

as they grow to feel more and more confident about handling money,


they will come to know that it was you,


that put them in this exclusive club.



“it felt so good inside” -Beth T




“can’t describe the relaxed feeling” -Dan B




"I wasn’t worried anymore, or not nearly as much as before..” -Gramma Kay




Think how you’re going to feel.










Sleep better at night, YOU DESERVE IT!

Your loved ones are learning to take care of themselves. Because of you!


And dads, Grammas, Grandpas, … yeah, you aunts and uncles too – you care about family???


   I’m not JUST talking to Mom here!


You can give your family a head start on their future. Help them become confident, reliant and secure.

          Money wise.


And hey … have some good old-fashioned family fun in the doing.


You’ve got piece-of-mind.!!!





Think beyond the family.


The community.


Schools have endorsed this company.


Even banks, credit card companies.


Family Organizations


Church Groups


Local Governments




WHY ???


A smarter public is a healthier public.

A healthier economy.


Listen to a local banker.



“I like and endorse this program. Very much."

"It means I have wiser customers. They’re money ‘savvy’ “  

-George G.  1st National Bank



Tongue-in-cheek, even the banker sleeps better at night.





National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE)

The National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) is the leading private nonprofit 501(c)(3) national foundation dedicated to inspiring empowered financial decision making for individuals and families through every stage of life. See more at


Credit Union Network for Financial Literacy

The Credit Union Network for Financial Literacy provides innovative financial literacy programs that engage children and adults while promoting the benefits of credit union membership. Learn more at


National PTSA – Parent Teacher Student Association

“We fully endorse this club.”


National Association for Home Schooling Organization

“This is a safe and stimulating program.”



“I can’t even think of dealin' with my money and stuff without having had Budget Brainiacs. But, I can sure picture what a hassle it would’ve been without it.

How much I would’ve been in the dark.”

-college student Sandy B.




“The stress level would’ve been off the charts w/o this app.” -says the Sampson twins.






Critical ideas

  • credit & debt

  • interest rates

  • income & expenses

  • spending

  • saving

  • investments

  • retirement planning

  • social security

  • taxes



Boys & Girls Club of Utah Cty Utah: “We endorse this club whole-heartedly. We encourage the parents of our kids to get into this club.”



Critical skills

  • budgets

  • money math

  • decision-making

  • negotiating

  • problem-solving

  • critical thinking

  • taking responsibility




"This is a PREMIER club. Extremely comprehensive.” Joe Dixon S.T.O.R.M. coach




Critical benefits

  • Your kids are better prepared for life

  • they feel confident

  • self-assured







************   In addition,  ***************

get a great bank account started for your child.


  • Special Dividend Rates on Youth Savings Accounts

  • Special Rate on 12-month "Boost" Youth Term Share Certificate


more club xtras:

  • Quarterly Newsletters

  • Contests, Prizes, Giveaways

  • Interactive M3 Money News Club

  • Money Resource Websites



FREE BONUSES – A $215 value


You get 3 FREE BONUSES worth $215 …

  • An exclusive National College Directory

    • for scholarships and Grants                – a $75 value

  • An info packet on SAT & ACT college entrance exams.

    • Including dates, & fees                          – a $50 value.

  • and for those heading to vocational schools,                                           

    • an additional National Directory

    • listed state-by-state                                 – a $90 value.

  • and last but not least, information about military careers. This is free.



                    100% GUARANTEED


You have 30 days to try the

BUDGET BRAINIAC “Club Membership”.


Check out all the resources

included in the Membership.


                          Absolutely risk-free.!.



                              TOTALLY SAFE.!


If you decide to cancel, keep the bonuses

as our gift to you for your time.!




             YOU ASK THEM ADVICE


Imagine the day you ask them for advice.

It could happen.


Or even a loan.


They had so much fun playing the games and apps of

Budget Brainiacs.


They’ve done well as the years have gone by.


They’ve applied what they’ve learned.

and are pretty well off – financially.


They gained valuable experience.

They understand the value of this knowledge.

And they applied this wisdom.


How did they get so smart?

Why has this happened, you ask?




            *********   joined “THE CLUB”   **********


You joined us ‘moms-who-care’.

The Budget Brainiacs Club.


You loved your children,

you had the foresight,

you wanted only a better life for your little ones.


I know how you’re gonna feel – bursting with pride.



Your little ones are grown up

and in great shape to take on the world.




Nobody can ever take that away from you.




So, go ahead MOM, ask, “Hey son, can I get a loan?”









“I love the moms who enroll their kids in this club!”

Mary Jo Ginty, M.B.A.,

Expanded Learning Regional Lead,

Los Angeles County Office of Education,

Downey, CA




“I tell all the parents I can to join Budget Brainiacs.”

Sandy Romsri,

Program Coordinator,

ASPIRE- City of Downey, Downey, CA




“I’ve seen a much more confident air in a very short time.”

“The girls love to compete for the rewards.”

Ronald Robinson, Seattle STORM Coach, Sacramento, CA




“You can easily tell the kids who belong to this club.”

Shawn Petty, Technical Assistance Manager, Edvance Research, San Antonio, TX





                         XTRA LINKS & RESOURCES


Budget Brainiacs is much more than a

stand-alone app. It has links to:

  • games, apps. & websites

  • info about TV shows

  • college savings programs



Biz Kid$

Biz Kid$ is a fun, half-hour TV series about kids,

money, and business.

A clever blend of entertainment and education.

This series shows kids how to make

and manage their own.

Learn more at


Practical Money Skills for Life

Practical Money Skills for Life is a website

developed by Visa.


It helps consumers and students of all ages learn the essentials of personal finance.


Visa has partnered with leading consumer advocates, educators, and financial institutions. They developed the Practical Money Skills program.


It has some awesome financial literacy games and other relevant content. See and play games at



Thinking of College: is a 529 program offered by the state of Ohio.

But, families in any state can use it.

  • 529  plans provide a tax-advantaged way

to save for college.



Want some info on?


-Credit Reports

-Investments may have some answers.




                          a RABBIT STORY


From an old Native Indian Tale.


                                 In the movie,


                                         “The Edge”


The lodge owner is showing one side of a canoe paddle.

The image is a black panther.












The lodge owner asks Anthony Hopkins character,

“I’ll give you $5 if you can tell me what’s on the other side.


With a whopping $5.00 on the line, Anthony Hopkins calmly states,

“A rabbit smoking a pipe”.
















This native tradition of “paddle art”, Hopkins explains, is,


“the rabbit is smoking a pipe because he is unafraid.”


“WHY?” asks the lodge owner.


“Because, the rabbit is smarter than the panther.” 


In other words,


Rabbit was a great hunter and a bit of a trickster,

but most of all …


Rabbit was confident in his abilities.


So confident in fact, that, even as the Panther circles his prey,

planning his attack, Rabbit is free to enjoy his pipe,


secure in his abilities to avoid this mortal enemy.”


Tell your kids this story.

Tell them they can be an "unafraid rabbit”. (of finances)


They’ll love it.



                           A  NO-BRAINER




“C’mon Mom”

“Let’s do this.!!!”


“I KNOW YOU KNOW … this is a ‘no-brainer’ “.


“I know there’s absolutely no way you’re gonna

let your kids struggle through life.”

“Not when you know Budget Brainiacs

will give them ‘the EDGE’ “ …

… “could give them a happier, healthier, and better life.”

(at least financially).



ASK yourself,

“Do I need this?”

“Does my son need this. My daughter?’



If the answer is not a resounding “YES!”

well, then …”


BUT! … If it is YES!,


                        CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW!”


                                    “RIGHT NOW”



                                         -- BUTTON –




***NOTE - While I was not hired to write this copy, it nonetheless shows the quality of copy you can expect when you hire me.  IA ***

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