Tell a Story in Six Words

Hemingway is credited with creating the "6-Word Story".

His famous example is -

          "For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn."

William Faulkner said:
     "A novelist is a failed short story writer.
       And a short story writer is a failed poet."


"Beginning. Middle. And End. Conflict. Resolution."

"Humor. Drama. Pathos. In six words."


          (those are each six words, mine. {6 words} )

Here's a few of my own: (it's not easy) 















the Journey, and the End
I've reached Nirvana. I've attained Enlightenment.


We were Immortal. For a while.


Tragedy struck. I learned. Made millions.

the Quandary

Still in love? Yes. And No.


All below was against my religion.


A lone mosquito. Summer's coming. Yay!


Wanted a car. Got rollerblades. Damn.


She winked. Flirted back. Husband scowled.

the Substitute

Wanted a goldfish. Shark for dinner.


Walked forever. Got nowhere. Stopped. Shrugged.

Message in a Bottle

Went sailing. Capsized.

Swam ashore. Almost.


Went sailing. Capsized.

Swam ashore. Almost.




If you need to tell a really good story, drop me a line.