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Tell a Story in Six Words

Hemingway is credited with creating the "6-Word Story".

His famous example is -

          "For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn."

William Faulkner said:
     "A novelist is a failed short story writer.
       And a short story writer is a failed poet."


"Beginning. Middle. And End. Conflict. Resolution."

"Humor. Drama. Pathos. In six words."


          (those are each six words, mine. {6 words} )

Here's a few of my own: (it's not easy) 
















You went too far too long.

... then ...

We were immortal ...   ... you murdered us.

the Journey, and the End
I've reached Nirvana and attained Enlightenment.


We were Immortal. For a while.


Tragedy struck. I learned. Made millions.

the Quandary

Still in love? Yes! And No.


All below was against my religion.


A lone mosquito. Summer's coming. Yay!


Wanted a car. Got rollerblades. Damn.


She winked. Flirted back. Husband scowled.

the Substitute

Wanted a goldfish. Shark for dinner.


Walked forever. Got nowhere. Stopped. Shrugged.

Message in a Bottle

Went sailing. Capsized.

Swam ashore. Almost.


Went sailing. Capsized.

Swam ashore. Almost.




If you need to tell a really good story, drop me a line. 


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