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   Special Offer: Order Today and Save $244.95!


                                                        I Am




YES! I accept your invitation to become a member of the Budget Brainiacs Club.

                   Count me among the exclusive “Moms Who Care Club”


I love my kids. I want them to live life with less stress. More confidence.



I want them to know:

  • How to manage money.

  • How to save it.

  • How to budget.

  • Plan for a rainy day

  • Plan for retirement





Inside this program, I will find …

  • An easy-to-understand, step-by-step guide to accessing the FULL program online. A temporary password. I will change this later.


  • Complete, easy-to-read instructions with examples.


  • 24 / 7 / 365 access to our telephone support lines. Talk to a friendly, knowledgeable person. 


  • Extra links & information to additional resources.



I’ll also get the 3 FREE BONUSES worth $215

mentioned in the sales letter …


  • An exclusive National College Directory

    • for scholarships and Grants                              – a $75 value

  • An info packet on SAT & ACT college entrance exams.

    • Including dates, & fees                                       – a $50 value

  • and for those heading to vocational schools,                                                        an additional National Directory

    • listed state-by-state                                             – a $90 value

  • and last but not least, information about military careers. This is free.



                            TOTAL 100% GUARANTEE


                            I understand I have 30 days to play around

                        in my BUDGET BRAINIAC “Club Membership”.


                 I understand I have 30 days to check out all the resources

                                     included in my Membership.



                              Absolutely RISK-FREE.



                                     TOTALLY SAFE.




If this club isn’t for me, or my children,


I owe nothing !!!


   So, I’m gonna order today


with total peace-of-mind – just like you promised.


AND, I get to keep all the bonus items listed above.! For FREE.!!!

A thank-you for my time.




                                    NO REGRETS MOM


                  You’ll never forgive yourself if you don’t do this.!!!


                                 Give your loved ones “the EDGE”.


                                       Give ‘em KNOWLEDGE.!


                                       Give them EXPERIENCE.!


                                        Take away any worry.!


                                                     Any fear.!


                             Replace them with CONFIDENCE.!

                                                with SPIRIT.!




Products – Monthly Online Subscription.!                         Budget Brainiac Club


First month FREE                                                                        -$29.95


Total Due Now                                                                               $0.00




Or, I can pay for a full One-Year Subscription in advance,

and SAVE ANOTHER $29.95.


This would be the same as another month FREE

You would pay for 11 months, and get a 13-month subscription.


Total Due Now                                                                              $329.45


A total of $244.95 savings


The choice is yours.


And, just like our 30-day guarantee, if for any reason you decide to cancel before your year is up, you will get a FULL refund for any unused months left on your membership.


                                  CLICK THE ORDER BUTTON BELOW


                                                        “RIGHT NOW”



                                                 -- ORDER BUTTON –




***NOTE - While I was not hired to write this copy, it nonetheless shows the quality of copy you can expect when you hire me.  IA ***

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