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You might just be sorry if you don't!!! You've heard of "Location. Location. Location." How about "Timing. Timing. Timing."

Hello everyone. Normally I would be writing an article directed at marketing directors. Trying to get their attention by writing something that shows I’m an expert writer.

But for the following 2 reasons, I gonna switch things up. And write a "personal letter" to everyone out there. This is from me to you.

It's only my opinion. But, I believe in it. You'll have to decide for yourself if it's relevant to you.

At the same time, let's see if I can still show how any copywriter, me in particular, can speak conversationally. And personally, to his audience.

Writing copy - sales letters, emails, articles, VSLs, etc. - to marketing directors, or to the public in any niche, should be done as if we were speaking to each other 'one-on-one'. Like we were sitting across a breakfast bar. Just you and me.


The reasons I'm changing tack are the stock market, and it's Thanksgiving.

(At least it is here in America. For those of you who won't be celebrating Thanksgiving, please, respect one of our bigger traditions. I would do the same for you.)


The markets (and I don't just mean U.S. markets) in my opinion, are ever so close to making a rather major turn. Down. A correction. (Not to worry. It's major, but, not "THE BIG ONE". Not yet.)

This is something I proposed in an earlier article, Oct. 15 - "Anyone for a Baseball Analogy?" on LinkedIn. I’ve been watching it very closely ever since. I followed up with another article on Oct. 30th - "It's Oh So Close". And still another on Nov. 6th - "Symmetry in Nature".

In that last one, I predicted Tuesday, Nov. 26th, 2019 could be a turning date. That's today. Plus or minus 1/3 days.

I have included a new chart. It spells out virtually the same thing. There's just a new potential "intra-wave" count. It's creative and sorta pretty. Either the old count or this new one arrives at the same conclusion. And date. If either wave count is correct.


That's a good segue into the logic that the Thanksgiving holiday is part of my cause for a change in tack.


Thanksgiving is Thursday. Then the weekend 2 days later.

There's not a whole lot going on this week. Volume in the markets is low. Everyone's getting ready to travel. Visit family. I am too.

So it's hard to be gung-ho about work. (Or come up with a good article idea.)

Monday could be the final push. We shall see. It’s well within my +/- 3 days.

Having said that, I do know the rest of the world keeps right on truckin'. As such, my personal charts reflect this logic and I chart Thursday as if it were just another regular day.  I just average some data in. I do the same when other countries have holidays and the U.S. is open for business. 

While writing is my occupation, studying the stock market, it's cycles, and its timing has been a major priority and hobby of mine for 30+ years.


for Your Interest, and maybe your PROFIT one day !!!

I have stated before, that, while I am in no way associated with Elliott Wave International, I strongly believe in their analysis and expertise.  I consider Robert Prechter to be the living "Godfather" of Elliott Wave Theory.  

I'm giving you a link to a series I got in my email. It's okay. The link and the series are public domain. I'm simply sharing information I've received that you might not otherwise know is out there.

(If you are interested in their information, there is a link to subscribe. I suppose I should put in a disclaimer that this information is not to be construed as any specific investing advice. Simply for informational and educational purposes only. Remember, I'm just talkin' to a friend here.)


That's all the business I'm gonna bore you with for now. Wanna talk to me about writing personally for you? Drop me a line.


If you're interested in staying on top of the market, drop me a line too.

P.S. For those of you who will be partaking,

       from my home to yours,

       "Happy Thanksgiving" !!!

For those of you it's just another Thursday,

still, from my home to yours, I'll have a 'drumstick' in your honor.

The road to your desires !!!

from me to you.



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