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That may sound like, “d’uh”.

But, it’s more intricate than one might think.

And, you can use it to clarify things. Focus things more than usual.

Or argue a different analysis.

For example,

Jeff Saut says,



says I,

the markets say something different. I think.

Because they are all connected.

Of 12 markets across the globe, only 4 did not break the original low on Aug. 5th. The Nasdaq, the S+P 500, the Russell 2000, and the Shanghai Stock Index.

All the rest, the Dow, NYA, FTSE, CAC, DAX, N225, HSI, and the AORD,

DID go lower.

It’s VERY plain to see.

The down move from July 29th to the low on Aug. 5th, is an “impulse” straight-line down.

Since then, they have all bounced back higher.

But, the action is “choppy”. Sideways. With what I can argue is, a lot of 3-wave moves.

Here’s some charts.

So …

what I contend is,

since we’re “all connected”,

the down move followed by the sideways move is NOT a “bottom-building” section.

As Jeff Saut suggests.

Instead, it is wave 1 down, then wave 2 sideways. With wave 3 down yet to come.

Wave 2 is most likely not done. Not yet. But soon. Maybe. There could be a “double three”.

Or a “triple three”. (Elliott Wave Theory)

But when it is (done), we go down.

NOT up. Not “substantially higher”, as Jeff Saut says.

So says Elliott Wave Theory. So says my “all-connected” theory.

The following chart shows 4 markets paralleling each other – i.e., “connected”.

Since late 2018.

This one shows the DOW, the Nikkei, and the FTSE “connected” since mid-2014.

And on, and on.


For even more “proof”, here’s the VIX.

It follows the 500, but in reverse. But I track it because it is “connected”.

I can make a very good case for an Elliott Wave count with this chart.

More “clarity”. More “focus”. Cause it’s what? “connected”.

PLZ. stay tuned.


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