This is Part 2 of a 3 part alternative Elliott Wave analysis series.


Part 1 is - Linear Time Fractals© – AKA, Tractals©

Part 3 is - dL-tertiary© Elliott Waves


This is not to be considered a definitive text on how to create or use binary Elliott Waves. It’s merely to say there is an alternative method for counting Elliott waves.
A much easier method.



  binary Elliott Waves©   

    a White Paper by Ian Andrews   


What's your desire?

   -  To make money in the stock market.


That presents problem #1.

   -  How to buy low and sell high?


Of course, there's insider trading.

That's illegal.!!!


There are fundamentals.

Earnings, PE ratios, market cap, officers involved, etc..


That requires a huge amount of research.

And some subjectivity.


My answer - MARKET TIMING.

But, tons of investors and analysts will tell you,

“Nobody can ‘time the market’.!!!”


I say you can time the markets.!!!


Mainly because I’ve done it.
Not perfectly, NOBODY bowls a 300-game, every game.

But, I can time highly successfully, nonetheless.
You can learn too.




* * * * * * 


The paper is 32 pages long, with charts and graphs and pix.

Here's a link to a GOOGLE DOC to read the whole thing :