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Hello Terry,

(Jedd sent me; said you were always hiring)                                                                            

First, thanx for clickin’ thru from my email!



as Tom Cruise said to Robert Duvall in “Days of Thunder”,

“let me drive, Harry, I won’t make a fool outta ya.”


So, you need a writer.


Relax. Kick your feet up. Breathe easier.


I have the solution. I have your man.


Life just became a little easier.


You can count on him.


*** John C. Parker, CEO Integrated Robotics Imaging Systems, Kenai, Alaska, says,


“ (he)...always took the time to learn as much as he could about our                                              business activities ...”

“...was able to effectively portray our company professionally                                                through our web page ...”

“...can’t thank him enough for always going the extra mile.”


You’ll also enjoy working with him. He’s easy to work with.


*** Richard H. – a teacher at Soldotna High school, says,

“… (he) has very good people skills …”                                                                               “… comes across as likable and easy to work with …”                                                         ”… people like him and respond to him because of these traits …”


And, Antonio Banderas said it best in “The 13th Warrior”,


when asked how he learned the Norseman’s language,

he replied,

                                         “I listened”.


Besides his ‘people skills’,

his fortes are -

Research, organization, and analysis.


An expert w/ 32 years of experience.


32 years, a student of the markets.


Multiple methods.


The legends.




Options, indices, futures, stocks, mutual funds, FOREX, & ETFs.


He’s traded them.


Global markets.


And, I think I mentioned he can write.


The guy I’m thinking of, … is just a click away.


And, I'’m confident                                     

he CAN EASE SOME OF YOUR BURDEN – writing-wise.


For an in-depth intro to who he is,                                                                                    and what he can do for you, and your bottom line,


go to my website -

That’s right, it’s me, Ian Andrews.


I’m also on LinkedIn.                                                                                                        With a dozen, short posts about the markets.                                                             ‘Timing is everything!’


Thanx again for your time.


Ian A.


P.S. check out my Blog on the website.


P.P.S. I work for FREE.!


JK  (just kidding)


[just a little Jedd Canty humor – from his Lead in the video I watched about Voice, Vernacular, & Volume. Where he said, to send you (Terry) my writing samples, and, he (Jedd) sent me.] (the video with the Richard Dreyfus/mashed potatoes metaphor)


---   “I know how to listen.”

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