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BUY the ETF - UVXY, "!!!NOW!!!"


Three weeks ago – June 27th – I posted I felt the sideways movement of the stock markets were forming a “Barrier Triangle”. Basically, the tops of “the saw-tooth” zigzag were fairly the same (w/ a slight bias upward). The lower bottoms getting lower and lower.

I still hold to that premise. The alternate Elliott Wave count would have to be an “expanding triangle” (each top and each bottom higher and lower respectively than the last).

Either way, this next leg down – WHICH IS AT THE ‘DOORSTEP’ RIGHT NOW, one foot over and one foot still in – SHOULD carry the markets down PAST the Dec2018 lows. The only caveat to this would be an upward-biased market momentum that would “truncate” the leg downward. The markets would fail to reach and surpass the Dec2018 lows.


I have ‘switched’ my primary wave count and my first alternate.

I originally felt the late-Sept/early-Oct top to be the Primary Wave 3 top. And the leg into Dec2018 was wave A, followed by this upward leg to the present to be wave B.

I have decided to make the top of Jan2018 the Primary Wave 3 top. Making the wave down into Mar2018 wave A, the upleg into late-Sept/early-Oct wave B. Followed by wave C into Dec 2018, and the leg up into the present July highs wave D.

This makes the next downleg wave E. Either surpassing the Dec2018 lows or “truncating” short.

Either way, it makes no-nevermind. The short sharp thrust up that follows any triangle will be Primary Wave 5, carrying the markets to new all-time highs.

This will be followed by an abrupt turn DOWN – the start of Grand Supercycle Wave IV.

If one buys the ETF UVXY this week, one stands to profit handsomely.

At the bottom of wave E – BAIL. and buy the ETF IWV (it "tracks" the Russell 3000). And ride it up to the top of Primary Wave 5.


Another beautiful profit, larger than this one coming now should “puff up” any bank account.


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