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BUSTED - "Re-Calculate"

May 15th, 2019

Elliott Wave count Invalidated

In my article dated Feb. 18, 2019-titled “A Fork in the Road”,

I first mentioned an alternative to my proposition --

‘the Grand SuperCycle “Top Was In” ‘.

Namely, the BULL might not be done.

I also said, in a later article dated Mar. 20th, 2019, titled, “Anyday Revisited”,

“IF” “any” of the indices exceeded their previous highs of late Sept / early Oct 2018,

“then my ‘present’ Elliott Wave count would be void. &

that I’d have to ‘re-decipher’ “

This scenario has come to pass.

The S+P 500 and the Nasdaq both moved higher – April 2019.

Not by much. But, they did.

ALL the other indices fell short of their previous Oct 2018 highs

– ValuA, ValuG, NYA, RUT, R3, and the Dow.

But, it doesn’t matter.

If “one” of the indices broke the rules, then ALL were susceptible to a new wave count.

My theory of “Wave-Count-Synchronicity”©.

My preferred count is now – starting w/, -1974/1982 as Cycle Wave 4.

From there,

1999/2000 - Primary Wave 1 top

Mar2009 - Primary Wave 2 bottom

Oct2018 - Primary Wave 3 top

May 15, 2019--today – Primary Wave 4 in progress

– best analysis – a triangle; w/ the following sub-divisions:

Intermediate Wave A bottom– Dec2018

Intermediate Wave B top – Apr2019, & possibly still in progress.

We therefore have waves C, D, & E yet to come.

Follow this with a LAST Primary Wave 5 up.

That could finally finish Cycle Wave 5, & SuperCycle Wave 5.

And that would finish Grand SuperCycle Wave III.


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