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A Barrier Triangle - Primary Wave 4

An “A-B-C-D-E” Barrier Triangle for Primary Wave 4

The ‘late-Sept/early-Oct’ peaks of 2018 I believe were the top of Primary Wave 3.

The downleg into Dec 26th was leg ‘A’. And the upswing since then into the present tops is wave ‘B’.

It is either done, or very, very close to being done.

The next swing down – a minimum 3-wave affair could take us into late Sept or Oct, or beyond. Simply have to watch the wave count play out – Wave ‘C’

When ‘it’s’ done, there will be another rally back up to roughly the current levels, depending on the index – wave ‘D’

When that’s done, another big swing down to wave ‘E’ to finish off Primary Wave 4.

After a triangle (in a bull market), there is a short, sharp thrust upward. Followed by a turnaround down.

The first chart shows the swings of the Primary Wave 4 triangle (a barrier triangle -1st choice)


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