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Here’s a Crazy Thought                                                          March 22nd, 2022

by Ian Andrews


In American Football,

As the quarterback, …

Win, and you’re the Hero, usually.

Lose, …

and you’re the Scapegoat. Almost always.!!!


Now, follow me.


I really didn’t want Joe Biden in the Oval Office.

Along w/ the Progressive, Left, Democratic Socialists.


But, there might be a perverse silver lining to him being there.

Instead of Donald Trump.


If, and that’s a big “IF”

(honestly, humbly, I don’t think it’s as big an “if”, as it's a “when”)



my analysis about the stock market -et. all- is correct,

we’re headed for a

monumental “crash, deflationary depression, and finally war”

series of events.


Robert Prechter believes we’ve put in a Grand Super Cycle Wave III top.

He’s the “Godfather” of Elliott Wave. He’s been doing this since 1978.

I embrace his analysis. I’ve been studying Elliott since 1991.


I also give him credit for the “crash-depression-war” cycle.

I embrace this hypothesis as well.


To give one some perspective,

a top of that magnitude is one degree larger than the top of 1929.

That top was only a Super Cycle Wave 3 top.


So, the ensuing 4th wave correction, starting with the crash, will be larger than the ’29 crash.
The Depression should be larger than the Great Depression. And finally, the war will be larger as well.
(A caveat here, since the next larger war might necessarily be a nuclear one, and nobody wants that,
the war could be a “financial one, or a “mega cold war”. It might even be a massive "ideological" one between the "Left Communists" and the Right Conservatives for the soul of the USA.
Obviously, I don’t know, nor do I necessarily want to know.)


Anyway, you get the picture - “it’s not going to be pretty”.


So, back to the original “crazy idea” –


If a Grand Super Cycle Wave IV is starting to happen as we speak,


I’d much rather have Joe Biden and all his Communist cohorts, in the White House.


He’d be the quarterback that will be the scapegoat for “the LOSS”,

for the ensuing catastrophe.


He’ll be “fired”. (Can't you just see Trump telling Joe, "You're fired.!")
Along with hordes of Senators and Congressmen from the Left.

Come 2022 and 2024.


And hopefully, some intelligent conservative Republicans with a spine will be voted in.


Then maybe, we the people, can get rid of the virus that has infected our country.

Such as Zuckerberg, Soros, WEF’s Klaus Schwab, Gates, and more.

Oh, let’s not forget Fauci.


Can you imagine if Trump and the Republicans were in office when the crash happens?
He’d never, we’d never, hear the end of it.


And the good ol’ U. S. of A. would have the Communists voted in, in 2022 & 2024.


Turn out the lights, the party’s over.”     Thank you Dandy Don Meredith.



Just a crazy thought  I’ve had for a while -


with a crazy perverse “silver lining”.



BSOT (be safe out there)

Best Regards,



P.S.  In case you think, “if Trump were in office none of the above bad things would go down“,
you’ve got another "think" comin’ “.


It doesn’t matter who’s in the White House, it could be Mother Teresa.

When Grand Super Cycle Wave IV unfolds, it’s a done deal.!!!



©IA 3.22.2022

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